Monday, April 23, 2018

Give your feedback to improve service and working conditions

I am developing a web application called Feedback. I wanted to use the name "Big Ears" but found that it was already used by somebody else.

The Feedback application allows any customer or employee to give feedback to any of 100 organizations in Singapore. These are the organizations that have impact on many people in Singapore e.g. SMRT, Sing Post, hospitals, town councils, government agencies, banks, insurance companies etc.

Any person can view the latest feedbacks submitted by the contributors. They will get a good idea of what is happening in Singapore.

They can see a summary showing the organizations with the most feedbacks and view these feedbacks for the selected organization.

If the specific organization wish to get the contact of the people who submit the feedback, they can request me to create an ID for their staff to login the database. They can contact the contributor to get more information and resolve the issue.

I believe that the feedback will help the organization to improve the service given to its customers.

I also encourage employees to give feedback to the organization on the problems that they face in the daily work. It may be lack of proper tools or difficult work processes. The employees can give the feedback anonymously or give their contacts.

While many organizations have channels for their employees to give feedback, some of these channels may not work well. I hope that this Feedback application can supplement it.

This application will be ready within a week. I hope that you will be able to contribute your feedback.

Any views or suggestions?

Tan Kin Lian

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