Monday, April 23, 2018

Votes for World Leaders

I asked this question in the Wisdom of the Crowd - Which world leader do you respect most?

The votes are:
Xi Jing Ping - 55%
Joko Widodo - 22%
Donald Trump - 10%
Theresa May - 3%
Lee Hsien Loong - 2%

See the breakdown of the votes in

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Yujuan said...

Our vote goes to Trump, as we thumbed for this "is he human?" man to win the Presidency.
Trump would be the best man to take on N.K and China. This mad dog dogged determination is forcing China to reduce America's trade deficit with China at all costs, and he won't give way, American MNCs won't hurt bottom line too much, their revenues are spread worldwide, and China is just one market, just make less only. After all, American Companies dun have it easy breaking into Chinese market, with all those stringent regulations and restrictions imposed by China, this Red country far too protective of their own industries, playing dirty, yet cry wolf, wolf at WTO.

A brilliant move Trump made on ZTE and Huawei Telecoms, China's poster boys. Xi can't lose face by giving way either, his only advantage is unlimited time on his hands to play along, Trump may not last long. If we are in Trump's shoes, would do same thing, must try accomplish all within the Presidency period.
But the generous tax incentives Trump made to Corporate businesses is a double edge sword, how to fund expenditures to run the country. Seems this mad man dun give a hoot. His target is China, dun get distracted by him about N. Korea.
An interesting wayang to watch, Trump and Xi the actors, not immature Kim Zong Un.

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