Monday, April 23, 2018

Wasteful spending when town council is changed

It is wasteful to have the town council tied to the party that won the constituency.

When the Workers Party won Aljunied, they merged Hougang and Aljunied. When they won Punggol East, the consituency is merged to form Aljunied, Hougang, Punggol East town council.

When they lost Punggol East, the town council is changed back to Aljunied Hougang.

Imagine the cost of changing all the signs and letterheads and printed materials.

This is not only for the constituencies under the Workers Party. There must be changes within the town councils under the People's Action Party as well, e.g. when they won Punggol East.

In most countries, the election of the town council is done at local level. It is not tied to the party where the MP is elected. In fact, the MPs may change, but the local council remains the same.

Can we stop this wasteful spending of money in Singapore?

WTS - Welcome to Singapore.

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