Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A nightmare journey with Corp Pass

Corp Pass is a nightmare. I sent a lot of time last month just to get approval. I don't know why the govt has to give so much trouble for people to pay money to the govt.

I log in to make my CPF contribution for September. My login request was rejected.

I had to call the CPF helpline. The staff was patient and helpful. The call was answered with minimal trouble.

The staff guided me to go to the Corp Pass website. I had to create my role as "Editor". The "Administrator" cannot submit CPF contribution.

I am sure that all of these instructions are contained in the FAQ which comprised of many pages that I did not read. Why does Corp Pass have to make it so difficult for people?

Finally, I manage to contribute CPF for my employees. But it really was a painful journey.

Welcome to the Smart Nation. The people in charge knows how to make life troublesome for other people. The seem to think that we have nothing else to do, but read their FAQ.

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Anonymous said... many companies to supply simple Electricity to a super small island.Make people busy and blur.welcome to Singapore.Always find it hard to live here even though born here for 5 decades.

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