Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Performance bonus

I generally do not like the concept of performance bonus.

Workers get a salary. They should carry out their duty diligently according to the contract. They should not be "bribed" to perform better.

If they are capable and diligent, they will get promoted to a more senior position at a higher salary anyway.

I also do not like super bonus for CEOs based on the profits of their company or for traders who take big gambles. Some CEOs cook the books or take excessive risks to show big profits and earn high bonuses.

When times are bad, they move to another company willing to pay them in this manner. It is corruption.

I do not like performance bonus for the civil service. They should focus on serving the public, rather than achieving a high KPI to get a better bonus. They should not be pushed to cut cost to the detriment of service.

I do not like performance bonus for ministers. This is where the bad practices start. It does down the levels. The rot sets in.

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