Monday, September 24, 2018

Dealing with fake news

The government wants to pass a law to stop the spreading of fake news.

I agree that deliberate spreading of fake news and lies should be stopped.

But it should not be done by passing a law.


The law can be abused in the following ways:

a) The government can use it to stop people from raising questions about abuse of power and corruption

b) Some people may make a wrong allegation out of ignorance, rather than by deliberate intent.

What is a better approach?

The government should bring out the facts and allow the person to withdraw the unjustified allegation.

During LKY's time, he insisted that the government be given the right of reply. We can adopt this approach.

One reason put forward to justify the law is that the Internet allows fake news to be spread quickly and create harm. This is an exaggeration. In the days before the Internet, rumors can spread quickly through word of mouth. They are more harmful, because there is no rumors were not even transparent.

We have seen recently that Malaysia passed a anti-fake news law by the previous government. This law was removed soon after a new government was formed. It was a bad law.

Some countries passed a law to ensure freedom of information. It allow access by the general public to data held by national governments. This was a response to increasing dissatisfaction with the secrecy surrounding government policy development and decision making.

We face a similar problem in Singapore. We need this law to be passed.


Anonymous said...

Honestly speaking what is real nowdays more so the double eyelids, boobs, nose and botox? Learn to live with the fakes.

Anonymous said...

We were having seafood dinner at Dumbo Restaurant. One of the dish we ordered was their speciality whole roast chicken which costed nearly $40. When the dish was serve , everyone was looking at one another asking what the dish was. The speciality roasted chicken had its head, wings from real chicken and the rest of the body made of brown roasted flour arranged flatly in the shape of a chicken.

The large baby squid came in a small bowl acted as only toppings and the bottom part were all crackers.

Restaurant foods are fakes. The people only went there for the chilli crabs. Will not be going back there if they keep serving fake roast chicken.

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