Saturday, September 01, 2018

Corp Pass is quite troublesome

I sent this question to Corp Pass support:
  • Feedback: I wish to give access to all services under my Admin account. Do I have to select each service individually? Do you have an option to select "All Services".

I received this reply 4 days later:
  • For Admin account it’s default with full access, however you will need to assign the eservice with additional details require (eg: CPF, SSG & GPL etc).
  • You may refer to the list for more eservices with addition details.
I saw the list. It is very complicated.

Welcome to Singapore. They really know how to make people waste time. Corp Pass is one of the measures to make people waste time.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to SINGAPORE.EASY for them, DIFFICULT for the 6 million people.You must be a TOP SCHOLAR to live here.

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