Saturday, September 01, 2018

WOTC - Which policy caused the most harm?

I asked this question in the Wisdom of the Crowd:

Which PAP policy caused the most harm to Singapore?

Here are the responses: (48 Votes)
29 % - Higher cost of living due to GST
27 % - Increase in minister's salary
19 % - Change in political structure with GRC
10 % - Asset enhancement in late 1980s
10 % - Elitism through graduate mother policy
4 % - Over expenditure on defense

See the pie chart at:

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Anonymous said...

So many fxxking rules and regulations but never explained them properly and clearly in our education system and TV for the last 53 years. Thus causing a lot of confusion and anxiety for the CPF and HDB. Everything have to discover later by ourselves like cannot do this and that.Only know how to do damage control.So many MP but parliament always empty because need to go to work??.Therefore,need TKL to do the job of a MP.Pay so much and get peanuts.Only see them once every 5 years to Shake

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