Saturday, September 01, 2018

How to contribute CPF under the Corp Pass regime

Our civil servants love to send a complicated FAQ to the public to do simple things. Here is an example of the steps that I have to do to contribute CPF for my employees from 1 Sept 2018, after Corp Pass becomes compulsory:
Dear Mr Tan,
Thank you for contacting CorpPass support.
Please refer to the steps below for assigning of an eservice.
Setup e-Service
• Login to CorpPass Admin account on CorpPass Portal.
• Under the e-Service Access tab, click the Select Entity e-Services box.
• At the search box, key in CPF.
• Tick the box for CPF E-SUBMISSION and click Next.
• Key in your entity’s CPF Submission Number (CSN eg:123456789A(UEN)-PTE-01/02) in the CSN field and click Next.
• Check if the CSN has been entered correctly and click Submit.
Assign e-Service
• Under the e-Service Access tab, click the Assign selected e-Services box.
• Select the user from the list and click Next.
• Select CPF E-SUBMISSION from the list of e-Services and click Next.
• Select the Role (Admin) and CSN for the user and click Next.
• Put in date for authorization effective date (today date) and leave blank for expiry date then click Next.
• Review the details of the assignment and click Submit.
CorpPass Support


Anonymous said...

WAH,Top secret agency.super complicated smart nation lol. Dementia how??

Anonymous said...

Translator needed for this foreign language above.

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