Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Buy a property to stay

There are two reasons for foreigners to buy a property in Malaysia:

1) As an investment - to make a capital gain and get a good return.

2) As a place to stay for retirement or for children to study.

Most Singaporeans look at the purchase as an investment. It will be a disappointment. The property will yield a poor return, maybe negative. It will also be difficult to get a capital gain.

There is a big over supply of property in the major cities all over Malaysia.

But some people buy it as a place to stay. Many investors from China buy Forest City for this reason.

They want a home in a warm climate to stay during their holidays or for retirement or for their children to stay for their studies.

Some retirees from Singapore have moved to stay in Malaysia, especially Iskandar, for the long cost of living.

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