Sunday, September 30, 2018

How to make Corp Pass more useful

Prior to 1 September 2018, an authorized person can use his SingPass to submit transactions for government agencies, such as paying CPF contributions, applying for work pass, etc. This person is usually a director of the company or a person specifically appointed by the director.

Now, all transactions have to be submitted using a CorpPass, instead of the SingPass.

Each company has to create a CorpPass for each authorized person. A person who is involved as director of several companies need a separate CorpPass for each company. Instead of having one SingPass, the director has to remember a separate credential for each company.

One argument in favor of CorpPass is that it can be shared by several staff in the company. If the holder is on leave, another staff can take over.

This is not correct. The CorpPass requires to be authenticated by a OTP that is sent to the mobile phone of the holder. If the holder is on leave, the mobile phone goes with him. Another staff cannot take over.

We now have the situation where a separate CorpPass account has to be created for each business when previously one SingPass could be used. It creates a lot of hassle without giving any tangible benefit.

The CorpPass system has another troublesome feature. The business has to specify which transaction type the CorpPass user is allowed to submit.

In the past, the authorized director can submit any type of transaction for the company. Now, he has to be specifically approved for each type. If this approval is not submitted properly, the authorized director cannot submit the transaction. He is being blocked out.

There is also another complication. There are several roles, such as Admin or Editor. The CorpPass user has to be assigned the correct role.

Big companies have the staff to do this work of managing the CorpPass of their staff. It is an unnecessary burden and unproductive work for a small company.

To handle Corp Pass correctly, the director has to read a complicated FAQ of several pages. The instructions are not clear to a lay person. So, a call has to be made to the support line.

I see that Corp Pass has created a lot of unnecessary work and problems for small companies. I cannot see any benefit.

What is the solution? Revert to the old system. Allow an authorized user to use his SingPass to submit transactions for the companies that he is authorized to act.

CorpPass can be used to identify the SingPass of the authorized person for each company. The authorized person may be assigned two roles - to prepare or to approve. A person who is authorized to approve can also prepare the transaction.

Tan Kin Lian

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