Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Responding to feedback

Most people have bad experience in giving feedback to govt agencies and large organizations.

Their feedback are ignored. Often, they do not receive any acknowledgement. If they do, it is a template reply without any follow up.

Our govt leaders set a bad example in not giving attention to feedback. I know that they are busy people, but they have several supporting staff who can attend to the matter. They should ask their staff to do it.

Recently, I met with some exceptions.

I sent a feedback to the new CEO of Starhub. He gave me a reply and told me that he will get his technical and customer service chiefs to look into the matter. Subsequently, his secretary arranged a meeting for me to meet the CEO and the chiefs.

A few years earlier, I had a similar experience with the CEO of Singapore Exchange. He replied to my feedback.

In both cases, the CEOs were foreigners who were recruited to head these organizations.

Somehow, the culture of the top people recruited outside of Singapore have a different culture, compared with the local CEOs.

I have to mention an exception. I gave a feedback to the Grassroots Club. The general manager called me to discuss the feedback.

I hope that our govt ministers and local CEOs set the example and leadership to get our organizations more active in responding to feedback and in engaging with their customers or the public at large.

Tan Kin Lian


Anonymous said...

One clique deals with the sales industry. The other ones are about establishing an intelligent working approach to wash their hands . After all it is about collecting pay every month, so why allow things to turn around and bite them?

Anonymous said...

Feedback- Social problems are increasing.

Anonymous said...

We called it feedback. To them its a rotten review, a complaint or a criticism. Nothing

stings the ego when the finger is pointed at them that they are performing below average.

It is more difficult for them to accept that the feedback turns out to be correct. We have to

agree that they have to save face at all costs.

Life is good only if all is in sync, otherwise only God can help us.

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