Friday, February 08, 2019

Telling someone what he should or should not do

I posted this view - we should not tell people what they should or should not do. They know.

Someone pointed out that I have been doing this all the time, telling people what they should do or should not do.

He does not see the difference between a general statement which is not directed to any specific person and a specific statement addressed to a specific person telling him (or her) what he should or should not do.

I find this kind of "personal advice" to be rude when it is made in a public and presented in a negative way.

I hope that these people realize that they have been rude and avoid making this kind of mistake.

If I think that a friend is doing something that is harmful to his (or her) own interest, I would tell him in private. And my intention is to make him aware of the impact that he may not be aware of.

I do not make it public and appear to be "clever".

Tan Kin Lian

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