Saturday, March 09, 2019

Fly Scoot to Sydney?

My extended family discussed a trip to Sydney in October to attend the wedding of my nephew. The discussion was on WhatsApp.

Several family members discussed the air fare from SQ and other airlines. The best return fare was about $800.

I suggested to fly Scoot.

I received several immediate responses. - don't fly Scoot. Not reliable. Plane delay. Better to pay more for SQ.

I said OK.

I posted the return fare on Scoot to be $400 before baggage and food.

Two days later, the majority of the extended families opted to fly Scoot.

I have flown Scoot to Sydney a year or two ago. It was all right for both legs. The plane was good - Dreamliner.

Even if I was caught in a plane delay (it did not happen), it would not be a big issue.

My extended family reflects the behavior of most Singaporeans. They are influenced, may I say over influenced, by negative news.

When they spend time with research, they would probably change their mind and go for the best option.

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Yujuan said...

You have a large group of friends and family members, travel budget, and pay your booked airfares at 7 eleven, was said to be $40 less per ticket.
If you fly with few family members with grown up kids, fly premium to pamper yourselves. But premium air travellers would not tolerate small restless kids, they would make complains to crew, and you have to tolerate their black stares throughout long journey.
So parents with such kids go budget, fellow travellers, many with their own kids, would be more understanding, won't bother you.

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