Saturday, March 09, 2019

Hyflux is two times worse than Lehman episode

Someone compared the Hyflux perpetual securities with the Lehman Brother minibonds that occurred 10 years ago.

He did not realize that the Hyflux episode is two times worse!

The Lehman episode involved 10,000 investors and $500 million - and that includes all the structured notes issued at that time.

The Hyflux securities affected 34,000 investors and totalled $900 million.

Except that the Hyflux disaster is totally caused by people in Singapore, and not be external events. So, it is really very bad.

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Unknown said...

Dbs was the appointed issuer and was able to upsize due to overwhelming subscription to the perpetual securities, this is already a red flag since it just shows that there wasn't cny clear indication of the actual amount of capital needed

Yujuan said...

If Mr. Tan has time and compassion, do another a la Lehman Bros protest rally at Hong Lim Park for these investors. Due to TKL's credit, the Minibond investors got back a much better compensation.
Being on the verge of the GE, seize this chance to push Govt to help the poor investors, our new PM in waiting, Mr. Heng Swee Kiat, the Finance Minister should step in now.
Poor HSK, again another likely cock up investment disaster ending in smoke.

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