Thursday, March 07, 2019

WOTC - Stand united with the govt

I asked this question in the Wisdom of the Crowd:

Should Singaporeans stand united with the govt in the dispute with Malaysia?

Here are the responses: (49 Votes)
45 % - No. It is better to adopt a diplomatic approach.
20 % - We should not treat this issue a reason to be "nationalistic".
18 % - Yes, Malaysia has been acting unreasonably.
16 % - Yes, we should stand united as a nation.

See the pie chart at:

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Yujuan said...

Dr M may be unreasonable in many ways dealing with Singapore, but on the water issue he has a point.
If memory dun fail me, in the late 80s when the water price review cropped up, PM LKY wanted it to be part of a package (in exchange with some benefits for Singapore) which PM Dr.M was not agreeable.
Thus the review was put on the back burner.
Now the son PM Loong takes opportunity claiming Malaysia has forfeited her rights back then.
Our Govt has to admit it has been taking advantage of Malaysia's generosity of selling very cheap water for our Govt to profit tremendously charging us the highest water rate in the world.
Also climate change Johore on many occasions has to buy more water from Singapore to meet her own shortage.
Both Singaporeans and Malaysians, time to get even with our Govt, our PUB has been making obscene money all these decades.
Loyalty to one's country cannot be blind.
It's pay back time, but there two sides to the coin - should we have to pay more for raw water to Malaysia, our money faced Govt would grab this opportunity to charge us even higher rate.

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