Thursday, August 29, 2019

Wisdom of the Crowd

1. How can Singapore increase its birth rate?
2. Should we stop giving prestigious scholarships to govt scholars?
3. Are the scholarships awarded fairly and impartially?

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Anonymous said...

Birth rates will not increase. Those days families live together and help with the Youngs. Today money is thicker than blood. No 38 is a good example.
Those days people survival with one income.
Today one need 9 incomes.
Those days not so much grads.
Today every almost every young we meted is at least a poly grad. Being educated meaned not needing a partner.
Some have three is because of accident not planning.

We cannot go back to those simple old days might justed axcept that low birth rate hear to stay.

Anonymous said...

Olden days if not married got stigma no body want. Now if you are not married meant that you are not dependent nor following the norm.

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