Saturday, November 30, 2019

Look at the interest of all parties, and not personal interest only

Someone accused me of supporting the use of PMD because I and my family member do not use the footpaths.

Why should this person make an unfounded accusation or be personal in giving his views?

I use the footpaths every day. So does two of my grandchildren who walk to school.

Anyway, I do not give my views based on personal interests. I am able to see the perspective of other people, and not only my own, in coming to my decision.

I have seen many PMD riders use their gadgets responsibly. Why should they be penalized?

I am sure that some riders are irresponsible. I prefer that they be dealt with severely, and maybe sent to jail. I also like to see them banned.

Someone asked - how can these irresponsible riders be stopped? The answer is - more enforcement officers. We need these officers to implement the ban, right? We can use the same officers to monitor the speeding. It is not difficult.

Why not create jobs for locals to be enforcement officers?


NAJIB said...

We may have the best facilities. At the end of the day its still human that makes the rules?
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Anonymous said...

Micromanagement hampers creativity.

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