Sunday, June 25, 2006

Stolen Car was recovered through tracking device

A policyholder installed a car tracking device in his new Toyota Wish car under a 4-year installment scheme promoted by NTUC Income.

On 25 June, he reported that his car was stolen in Johore Bahru.

Within 5 minutes, the car tracking service was able to pinpoint the car location at a specific place in Skudai, Johor. The Skudai police was alerted. They immediately dispatched several policemen to the location and recovered the car. One car thief was also caught.

On arrival, the owner found that the car thieves have disabled the usual security devices, but they were not able to locate the tracker which was installed at a hidden place in the car.

The owner enjoyed a significant discount in his insurance premium, by installing the tracking device. He also had the satisfaction of seeing the recovery of his car. He avoids the hassle of making a theft claim, which can take a few weeks to settle.

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Freddy said...

If we are driving to high vehicle theft locations, it is advisable to fix a car tracker. It does not cost very much and will save us a lot of headaches.

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