Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Save $840 a year

Dear Mr Tan,

My wife and I are unemployed presently. I have been paying premium for the following two policies for past few years. Are we having double coverage?

1. Enhanced Incomeshield with Plus Rider

2. Group Medical Insurance from my former employer. Annual premium is $840. Max coverage per year is $6000 and max per lifetime is $50,000. No co-payment or deductible but there is sub-limits on all benefit items.

Do we need the Group Medical Insurance?


The Enhanced Incomeshield WITH Plus Rider is sufficient for you and your wife. Both of you do not the Group Medical Insurance plan, as it is double coverage. You can save $840 a year.

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Thomas Phua's Blog said...

Yes, just ensure Enhanced Incomeshield covers the type of ward charge planned for, Basic , Advantage or Plan Prefered.

With the Rider in place, it is already a fully paid plan, thus the portable Group Medical Insurance ported over from previous employment should not be needed.

Mr Tan has advised it is really coverlapping totally, waste of the premium.

- Thomas Phua

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