Friday, January 25, 2008

Stay invested for the long term

Hi, Mr Tan,
Today (22 Jan) the stock market has dropped to 2776 index if it drop further should I sell away my shares. I am worry about it. please reply. Thanks.

Dear M
If you are investing for the long term (say 10 years or more), it is better to stay invested. The market will stabilise and recover, maybe in a few months time. If you sell now, you are likely to miss the next rebound of the stockmarket. Wish you all the best.

Hi, Mr. Tan,
Thank you for your advise on 22 Jan. Lucky I did not sell off my shares. I am still watching closely on it. Do you think will the market slide down again. I read from newspaper some investor said it might slide further again. What is your opinion?
By the way, thanks and regards.

Dear M,
I do not know the answer. But for my own shares, I will keep fully invested. It does not matter if it comes down, as I am investing for the long term. I believe that it will appreciate over time.

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