Monday, October 27, 2008

Call to MAS - pass general guideline for compenstion

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The only solution of this SAGA is to ask MAS pass the message down to ALL distributors to set general guideline for compensation.those are not happy can continue to take legal action later.Some buy from broker firms, the firms can argue that we send the brochure to you and you can decide not to buy. firms are only the distributer.We , singaporean always have this in mind, the FI dares to send such brochure to customers,the product must have been approved by MAS and safe. The product advertisement on newspaper is so BIG. It should be safe , espectially ,series by series continously, it should be safe.


Anonymous said...

Mr Tan

From what i just learnt from some, to share with you there is likely to be no further compensation eventually, but the institutions will just take their time and go through the usual proceedings as per their obligation to the policy system.

I am not sure how this would affect the course of events proposed as of, but I urged that the sentiments be tempered soon enough because this is becoming an increasing focal point to certain parties and there are some considerations on the table.

I am sorry I could not reveal more.

Please take note before things might get out of hand, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Full investigations should be carried out , the ORIGINAL of such creative products being induced into the SGP banking system.
I had strong feeling , the high comm pay out for CEO and each bank could be enormous to suck the cash rich singapore depositors.
ANd those CEOs retired and enjoy their life in Swissland...

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