Saturday, November 01, 2008

Use your real name

Please use your real name when you post your comments in this forum. You can give your name as the last sentence of the comment.

Tan Kin Lian


Anonymous said...

Mr. Tan, This may discourage most of the people from giving their views. After all, those offensive ones or inappropriate comments will be barred. Also you will not be able to know whether a name used for any comment is a real name.

Tan Kin Lian said...

I prefer fewer comments from people who are willing to be identified.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. If you are not willing or cannot identify youself, then do you expect me to believe in what you are saying?
What is there to be afraid of if your views are sincere and honest and your intentions are really to help or to seek advice.

I have really gained valuable information from you blog.


Chew Boon Keng

siewkhim said...

Kin Lian,

I give you an actuarial problem. If you can solve that problem you should be able to use your actuarial ingenuity to pick up the pieces from your solution to the problem to discover my identity. Look you claimed to be the best and the cleverest CEO and Actuary in Singapore and Johore Baru including Batam. No pray pray eh!!!

Are you prepared to test the quiz?

I saw your photo in today's ST. You are really ugly man with your butcher belly.

siewkhim said...

Kin Lian,

I thought you gonna bar any postings from me? What the change of heart? You are getting soft my man.

You are now using your blooging kaki to hantum me for my direct truthful comments on you. That's no fair man. They dared me to face you like the movie "High Noon" one to one with our guns ready. Coward does not mean refusing to show identity or not wanting to have one to one fight or to come out in the open. Such action is called "stupidity" not cowardice.

You kaki called me all kinds of names. I don't want to waste time on such childish behavior. Futher they are venting their frustration on the failed investment.

Anonymous said...

SiewKhim your identity can be traced easily. Do not think for once you can hide behind a nick and get away with it. Your IP address has been logged.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Tan,
Why dont you just block the retarded siewkhim person. What a waste of time for him or her to go on and on on a personal agenda of whatever that nobody is interested in.

Anonymous said...

You cant really block that retard as he will go underground and post as annoymous.

The best way is to log his IP with a program and find out who he or she is.

Everlearning said...

Kindness begets kindness. How could our nation promote graciousness if our mouth is not bridled, and our speech is defiled.

It is very sad that Siew Khim has been using this blog to malign Mr Tan. It is even more pitiful that he habours unpleasant thoughts and living in unhappiness and all these could be seen from his blogging.

Live conscientiously and have a thankful heart and Siew Khim, you might find peace within yourself and your perspective in life might change for the better.

Parka said...

The best is actually to ignore him and delete all his post.

Should be quite easy to identify since they don't add value to the topic.

The worst form of punishment in the world is isolation — treating the person as if he doesn't exist.

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