Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blog for High Note investors

Hi Mr Tan,

We have created our blog to coordinate our HN group's activities. The blog is at:

We will be grateful if you can help us publicise the blog in your respective websites.


Anonymous said...

How come the blog site is all about bible college ?

HN Investors Group (HNIG) said...

Oops sorry, address a bit salah. Correct one is:

Anonymous said...

Anon said "How come the blog site is all about bible college ?"

Because we need to do a lot of prying before 100% of our money will be returned. Hahaha! There is a small typo in the address

Anonymous said...

the link in incorrect, blogspot is spelled wrongly it should be

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the site. It is terrifying to hear from this bbc documentary that you have published on your site about reputable banks resorting to dirty tricks.

I urge that this radio documentary to be heard by the public as it reveal many disturbing discovery.

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