Saturday, November 01, 2008

Trace the IP address of SiewKhim

Dear Mr. Tan,
I suggest that you block the rubbish that is being posted by SiewKhim. This person is really terrible. He writes defamatory, malicious statements.

I posted his comments so that his IP address can be traced. He is probably on the payroll of an organisation, and is paid to harrass me in my blog. I believe that this is a criminal act and can implicate his paymaster as well.

Some can help me to locate his IP address. You can check the time of his posting and check against the log of the site meter (recent visitors - details) to get the following page:

Happy detective work!


Anonymous said...

We may not be financially savvy but I think there are some computer experts around. If you know how, let's track down SiewKhim IP and real identity. We have enough evidence of his defamatory messages to sue him. Mr Tan Kin Lian has done much for us, let's try to help him back.

Any computer expert, please come forward.

Mr Lee

Anonymous said...

yes, lets track siewkhim and unmask him or her!


Anonymous said...

i am not sure i am good enuf to say this unfortunate news, better parties do step up

went thru the info don seems enough to establish IF any single one party has been trying to be funny, mostly it requires specific MATCHING details from BOTH ends (that means to find the culprit u need to monitor the stall he/she robbed AND his/her hideaway, and authorities usually feed a full dept to just to dismantle these cases)

worst, and at the end of it the 'culprit' can deny accountability as long theres no indisputable identifying link, as long as he/she simply doesnt admit

its like a bunch of basketball players in a basketball court, but theres a football stuck on the board next to the net, who got it there??

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr tan,

Really feel sorry for what has happened, that this 'SiewKhim' is saying all sort of this things like that while he can do somethings else better.Please spend your time on those more meaningful stuff and concentrateing on helping the poor victims to structured product.Leave the tracking down for other people.Although i am a not an IT expert,but i do have some friends that are,into IT programming and all sorts.Will seek for their advise on how to track SiewKhim down.Will drop you an email with contact.i have any info on it.Though i cna't promise anything,but i will try my best on it.
And i hope other can also assist on traking SiewKhim down so that Mr tan can concentrate on helping the others.


siewkhim said...

Hey Guys,

You too say a lot of nasty thing about me. For example anonymous used all kind of filth against me.

I am not going lose sleep over this because I know that what you people wrote about ain't the truth.

Further my comment on Kin Lian is one to one and it was his own doing and approval to post my comments on his blog. If he thinks that is not the truth just ignore them and move forward like what I am did to many of the nasty attacks from you people.

Now you want to trace me and catch me by the ball. You should spend all your energy into another potential public resentment issue: the investment-linked and the participating policies that have been sold by life insurers.

Good day guys!

Anonymous said...

I suggest let's just ignore this Siew Khim ("RUBBISH")fellas. Don't waste anymore time on him or her or even SHIM (in between male and female). Wish him or her REST IN PEACE! The more you are bothered by this "RUBBISH" fellas, the more he/she wants to antagonize you. You can't stop this "RUBBISH" fellas from saying what he/she wants. As Mr Tan has control over what he wants to release on his blog. Just scrutinize thru' and if you suspect it is from this "Rubbish fellas, thrash it away. Anything that is negative towards you, not just from the "RUBBISH" fellas, but anyone, don't release onto your blog.

Anonymous said...

I think this SiewKhim is the same one as the one who call himself Singasoft in various forums trying to discredit Mr Tan. Singasoft is also active in the channelnewsasia forum. Sometimes he pretends to be sympathetic to Mr Tan's cause and then once he has even people responding to him, he starts his nonsense of discrediting Mr Tan again.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Tan,
I have a friend who is also in the IT line. Will ckeck with him whether he can help.

Anonymous said...

If you claimed that your communication is one to one, why dont you just e-mail Kin Lian instead of posting in the blog. That will save us reading your rubbish.

Anonymous said...

to anon 6:46pm,

siewkhim communication to TKL is based on the topic that is posted. that will definately be more relevant than emailing him out of the blue. HOWEVER, it is TKL's choice to release them to the public. What puzzles me was that I remembered one of TKL's post that he will not publish any comments that is deflammatory or untrue...then why publish siewkhim's comments?

Anonymous said...

I have a big basket of rotten eggs ready guys !! Once you all can track down Siew Khim, I am going to practise my throwing of those rotten eggs on to his/her rotten face !

Siew Khim - how come you dare not turn up at Speakers' Corner again ? Only dare to open big mouth here under a girl's name ?

Anonymous said...

To anon 7:01pm :

Your comment serves no purpose.

To Siew Khim :

Drop your pacifier and grow up !

Anonymous said...

To anon 7:42pm:
Grow up.

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