Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Well regarded persons oversee the financial institutions

The well regarded persons appointed to oversee the complaint handling of the financial institutions are:

Gerard Ee – DBS Bank
Law Song Keng – ABN Amro, Hong Leong Finance, Maybank
Hwang Soo Jin – CIMB GK Securities, DMG & Partners Securities, Kim Eng Securities, OCBC Securities, Phillips Securities, UOB Kay Hian, AMEX Bank.

Standard Chartered - try Hwang Soo Jin or write to MAS.

If you wish to contact these three people, you can write to their name, c/o Monetary Authority of Singapore.

10 Shenton Way MAS Building
Singapore 079117
Tel : (65)-6225-5577
Fax : (65)-6229-9229
Website : http://www.mas.gov.sg


GOHCT said...

It has been more than 2 week why still did not heard anything from them yet ?

Anonymous said...

i find it strange that DBS can determine its compensation amount of S$80 million without finishing processing all the investors' complaints against the bank

Anonymous said...

why strange? probably out of 1400 customers, picked out the small group who are senior citizens, primary school education, and no jobs, total up their money lost, less the quarterly interest already paid, lo and behold, an less than significant amount of S$80 mil, comparable to advertisment campaign to repair reputation, then attend a board meeting, collectively approve this compensation. As for the rest of THE COMPLAINTS - WAIT A LITTLE LONGER because that was only the first wave of action.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your seld-less help, Mr Tan!

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