Monday, November 10, 2008

Leadership styles

Hi Mr. Tan KL
President elect Obama is a good speaker. But he has no experience at leading a country or even a state. Will be make an effective president? What are your views?

I do not wish to comment about President elect Obama specifically.

I like to view my general about leadership. I shall describe them as the "democratic" style and the "authoritarian" style.

The democratic style has the following characteristics:
> the leader has a clear vision with strong values and principles
> is able to attract capable people
> listens to diverse views and make the best balanced decision
> is ready to monitor the implementation and adapt according to the circumstances

The authoritian stlye hs the following characteristics:
> a strong and capable leader
> makes most of the decisions
> attracts loyal followers and implementators
> able to make major decisions and moves fast

Each style of leadership has its strengths and shortcomings. I believe that both style can succeed.


Anonymous said...

Obama is good leader.
Even our current group of MPs wants to be more hip than him..

G C said...

I suggest the writer read two of Obama's books. His writings will shed some light who is Obama and what he believe in.

It is very enlightening and the writing in his books shown Obama is a thinking man.

He will not be a good leader but a compassionate one

G C tham

Anonymous said...

Obama will be another NATO. I don't think he makes a good leader and could get US out of this mess unless the people around him run the show.
He plays to the gallery and a good rhetorician .
Don't understand why Americans voted him in hoping for a change, tired of the Bush or Republican.
McCairn was a preferred President . Unfortunately he was too straight a talker and lacked the charisma of the Obama. He was old but experienced and could not relate to the young and people saw him carrying the baggages of the BUSH administration.
Americans will be in for a great disappointment. If he relinguishes the IRag and Afganistan policy the world will be less safe from other turmoil.
He already hinted of some excuses in his victory speech. He said the road ahead would be difficult and it might not be solved in a year or a term.(If i am making that speech i would say that too, to absolve myself if I should fail.)
What he meant is he can't do it so don't blame him , blame BUSh for leaving this mess to him.Elect him for another term so that he could complete it or it may not.

Neither Demo nor Rep

Anonymous said...

President-elect Obama is the American people's democratic choice. Whether he has got the experience or not, he has got the opportunity to prove himself in his term of office to the American people.
The thing about democracy or autocracy is how society evolves over time. In a democracy, the leader must take the majority view and runs the country according to the people's wishes. The leader of a democracy does not make his own decisions but weighs heavily on his constituents support in his balanced decision. Everyone including the less fortunate are given their due respect in the democratic process. Democracy may not be perfect but it has worked despite failings. The people takes control of their own destiny.
In an autocracy, things are very different. The leader runs the show according to his own agenda. All decisions are made solely by him although it may be masked by the presence of a parliament filled with yes-men. The autocratic leader may surround himself with loyal followers who may or may not be so capable. In an autocracy, society becomes fragmented - rich become richer due to perceived privilege while the poor poorer. Education - the leveller of social inequity - in the autocratic leader's hand becomes a barrier to upward mobility. Higher education is only accessible to the rich or politically connected through scholarships or relationships. By restricting higher education on people, the leader forces a dependency attitude on the people. The mechanism of free speech is also taken away by legal threats and made-of examples. This has reduced the people to a society that does not think deeply enough nor ask direct questions. It has left them exposed to fraudulent scams from foreigners even at the highest level of the country.
The populace is made docile and extremely obedient to the whims of the autocratic leader believing everything he says. Why is it that costs increases in a autocratic nation can be passed on so easily for the benefit of the corporates? Because the people dare not protest nor voice their anger. It has taken a direct hit on their own pockets for them to gain courage to come forward in a show of mass to show anger during this time of crisis. With such show of people power, the autocratic leader must be cowed by it. The momentum have shifted!

Anonymous said...

I believe McCain lost mainly because of the current economic conditions. People simply want change....Obama or anyone else for that matter, as long as not someone related closely to Bush...

In life many things are don't think too high of your ownself, remember that what you have are gives from God.

Anonymous said...

Yes, He is a compassionate one. Am touched with his childhood. He experienced poorest lift style. He will understand what is the need for the poor and needy people.

I've confident with him.
He is a very good speaker. His speech are full of motivation.

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