Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Unexpected surge - 700,000 visitors to my blog

Two months ago, I projected that my blog will reach 500,000 visitors by the magic date of 11-11-2008. I did not forsee the crisis with the credit linked notes - which caused an unexpected surge in visitors to my blog. This magic date passed yesterday. The visitorships passed 700,000 (40% more than 500,000) today. This is just for historical record.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Tan,

Found this interesting video which you may like to share with your readers:

Some words are better left unsaid.



G C said...

Good Morning Mr. Tan

Thanks for your blog and congratulation on the massive surge in your blog traffic.

Your blog has became my first click every morning I start my day on the screen.

I found your blog informative and your recent cause on the financial crisis is most relevant.

People like you should find way to contribute to the well being of the society.

In this IT age, the web and blog is the most powerful tool to help people. While politic may be the most likely field where people always think of if you want to help and contribute to the society. But I find what you have done in your blog is very relevant and wish you continue to do so.

I also believe that what you have done not only benefit the Singaporeans but all people regardless where they are from this planet where we live.

Best regards

G C Tham KL

Anonymous said...

i will turn in a millions viewers for you, don't you worry.

Anonymous said...

Same as the person above, Mr Tan's blog is among the first few webs I read every morning.

Congrats !

- OTB -

Anonymous said...

Whatever may be said, what you are doing for the poor financial invesitors is important. Glad to know that there are stillpeoplelike you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Tan, you will find the blog visits do not transpire to higher turnout at speakers corner. That is the touble with my fellow Singaporeans, they are unnecessarily fearful of anything.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Tan

It has been many weeks since this 'saga' started and 700,000 visit to the blog suggest that there is a lot to say and lot more to do.

May I ask that perhaps you could start to form a formal "association" like what David Gerald did for CLOB investors who were beleagued years ago. He formed SIAS .
Pls. consider forming an proper association called say "Noteholders' Association of Singapore" (SNA).You be the first Chairman and we get a committee and get people to pay a small membership fee to hold proper meetings where we get proper legal advice etc on issues that are yet to unfold on Minibonds, Pinnacle etc. The saga/s will take time to unfold but going to Speakers' Corner is somewhat disorganized.

We can ask David Gerald of SIAS to see if he will agree to allow the new association to "piggy - back" on his office for a start. That way we get a proper setup to address concrete issues that have yet to unfold.

There will be many who will want to sit in the committee I am sure .There will also be lawyers who will be keen to assist and financial experts who will help sieve thru the documents and financial details.

Pls let me know if you keen and we can have a chat to get it started.

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