Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Improve transport system

Three years ago, I wrote an article on our transport system in Singapore. It was publised in the features pages of the Straits Times. It contained several recommendations to improve our transport system, including the hub-and-spoke system. The article is published here.


Anonymous said...

I think we should allow private bus companies (like in the 90s)to operate again. These private bus operaters provided cheaper, faster service than SBS/TIBS. Don't see why we should continue to allow SBS/TIBS a monopoly of the bus routes when these companies are already privatised.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I miss the independent, little buses of Hongkong who would travel to smaller, residential roads not plied by the main buses.
It would make our transport system
But I know my wish will not come true. Maybe i should return to Hongkong, where the transport system is really world class,
here in Singapore is of no comparison.

Hiei said...

Talking about ERP, has anyone really look at the logic on how the rates are being charged?

To begin with, anyone know the purpose of ERP? I am under the impression that ERP is implemented to reduce the traffic during certain hours, esp. the peak periods.

Recently, I drove pass Nicoll Highway on Saturday afternoon (I believe slightly before 2pm), and I was charged $1. The traffic along Nicoll Highway at that period of time was really light, so why is the ERP gantry turned on?

Just had a look at the ERP rates and timings on ONE Motoring website, during weekdays, the gantry are turned off during 10 am to 12 noon, and then turned on again on 12 noon. Is traffic higher (from Nicoll Highway to town), say during 12 noon to 1 pm than 10 pm to 12 noon? Whats more surprising, 1200 - 1205, is charged $0.50, while 1205 to 1400, charges at $1. Traffic lower between 1200 to 1205?

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