Friday, April 30, 2010

Good government advocacy

Read this article.

Singapore has also endorsed the principles of governance based on an accountable and transparent government, long-term orientation and social justice.


Anonymous said...

The people President:

Anonymous said...

Main stream media is reporting positive side the the communist government, is it true?

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Anonymous said...

The author of the article may have over generalisation.

For instance, in the case of Thaksin (Thailand) who advocate for rule of law and popular democracy like USA. I would say he suceed his vision.

However, his vision become an threat to those who close to the King ! How to get ride of Thaksin?
Military coup in end-2006 during Thaksin's term of office as PM.

Since end-2007, military coup installed a new constitution endosed by the King.

Rule of law in Thailand is dead until now.

Todays' Red Shirt movement ia advocate for popular democracy rather than Aristol democracy where 74 of 150 senate are appointed !

Imagine, do u want 50% of NMP in your paliarment?

Anonymous said...

Rule of law under Thaksin was a joke. Thaksin was slowly moving towards authoritarian rule, undermining press freedom and civil liberties, installing his cousin as army chief, shady deals involving companies he controlled. He was therefore ousted before things become too similar to S'pore.

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