Saturday, May 01, 2010

Societal harmony

Here is a view from a person who became a citizen.


Michael said...

I am an Atheist. I often wonder why people group racial and religious tolerance together. To me discrimination based on race or colour or type is abhorent and I reject it entirely.

A religion is a set of ideas, practises and values typically tied together with a belief in a higher spiritual being. Many religions have at their core that an indivual who opposes those ideas or values, or rejects the higher being is subject to punishments which can be as severe as death.

Religions are much closer to non-elected, non-democratic political systems in my view. In many cases they reject the freedom of the individual to think and act independently. In some religious systems there are clear abuses of power which cannot be questioned or criticised by members of that religion.

It is unclear to me why race and religious beliefes should be grouped

Donaldson Tan said...

This is the author. It seems he is a PAP fan.

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