Saturday, May 01, 2010

Renewal of motor insurance

Hi Mr Tan,

I have 2 cars under my name. The first car was borrowed to a friend who then disappeared together with the car. I filed a claim for total loss. The second car was involved in an accident while going straight. Another car beat the red light and crash onto my car. This case is still being pending investigation. According to a witness on site, the other car is at fault.
Due to the claim for total loss, I am not able to renew the insurance from any insurer as the road tax is overdue. Can you advice me on what to do?

You can buy third party insurance, which covers only claims by third party. It will not cover damages or loss of your vehicle. You can take the risk on your own. Your insurance compnay should be prepared to insure you on third party insurance. If not, you can try a few other insurance companies. If they all refuse, you can seek assistance from the Land Transport Aurhority and MAS.

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Try AVIVA online.

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