Saturday, May 01, 2010

Microsoft .NET Developer

I am looking for a Microsoft .NET developer to work full time in my office in Ang Mo Kio. I prefer someone who has recently graduated from polytechnic and is living in or near Ang Mo Kio. If you are interested, send an email, with your resume, to

I have two experienced developers who responded to my previous postings. They have excellent background and good experience. I have already engaged them to work on projects. I am willing to consider additional people. send an e-mail to


Anonymous said...

In this article, the writer disapproves of insurance companies spending $ on full page ads instead of transferring the $ to better bonuses & returns to policy holders. Totally agreed with the writer. He also added the NTUC Income is the pioneer of this advertising trend.

Anonymous said...

This article seems to suggest that Singapore degree holders get easily retrenched.

Anonymous said...

Read this May Day Message by Manpower Minister Gan Kim YOng. He is harping on the subject of productivity & upgrading again.

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