Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Legal case against land banking company

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Steve f said...

I congratulate this person vocallocal for having the courage and character to follow this through and rejecting the offer to buy his/her silence. I hope others will be brave enough to follow this path and that the press will pick up on this story.

Anonymous said...

Drew and Napier again!!

Anonymous said...

Light at the end of the tunnel. As usual, company play the brinksmanship game i.e. challenging small investors to sue them.

Lesson to learn: When signing on the dotted line, make sure promises are in black and white or tape recorded.

Anonymous said...

Many of these angmoh fraudsters tend to use big name law firms, especially those that have history of successfully representing PAP in defamation suits.
They think that these law firms got special privileges and connections to judiciary and govt.

Many times the ang moh tricksters will make the first move and just hire a junior person from a big-name law firm to issue threatening legal letters. The fees are actually not much different than a no-name lawyer. But those who received such letters see the big name law firm and get scared and back down and keep quiet.

Steve F said...

I am an Ang Moh and have been advocating strong action against Land Banking for several years. I was also threatened with legal action by a big name Singapore legal company who went to one of my customers and bullied them into providing contact details.

This is an issue of scam and fraud not race. The "Ang Moh" authorities have closed many of these companies down forcing them to move to places like Singapore where they continue to operate.

Anonymous said...

Hi 5:04 PM,

Sounds like our regulator, MAS, is the sucker who thought free Money just drop from the sky i.e. arrival of Banksters or LandBanksters from Ang-Mo countries.

As you see, instead of closing down such scams, they just let it run and we ended up the victims.

Don't expect justice or help from MAS as this good-for-nothing organization is totally useless and salaries fully paid by tax payers. I guess the cause of this bad state is due to it's millionairs leaders. Incidentally, they are also paid by taxpayers.

Anonymous said...


Davinder Singh
Indranee Rajah
Hri Kumar
Sin Boon Ann

Hmm... these names appear familiar.

Anonymous said...

The same Davinder Singh defending DBS in the local law suit from 200 investors on misrep of HN5.

Do you think the 200 victims were wrong?

The World is beginning to understand how irresponsible and greedy these Notes creators who are out to prey on the unaware. Worst is our MAS who we, the taxpayers, paid millions a year to the chairman and deputy chairman did nothing to help. Maybe because Goldman Sachs sit on the International Advisory Panel of MAS
and what ever they sells is consider good with MAS eventhough MAS don't understand what GS is selling. Same goes to DBS since they are like left hand and right hand.

Anonymous said...

Now I understand why MAS "feign ignorance" on the fraud charges against Goldman Sachs in the US.
Hmm, the latter is the international advisor of MAS, no wonder MAS could not answer the writer's question on the ST Forum
Editor, afraid of antagonishing the Angmo sifu, the fraudster in the US SEC's eyes.

Unknown said...

Mr Tan - The Wikipedia site was recently hacked on the land banking entry by a land banking company or a pro land banking blogger. I have reverted to an earlier version but i am sure it will be hacked again.
This is a collection of links from the site related to UK news and Government sources. I have searched UK news sites but cannot find a single source making a positive statements on land banking so this is not deliberately biased.

UK Green Belt housing scheme leaves investors in the red

UK Mirror - The lies used by International landbanking scammers to net 1.8 UKP million

UK Trading Standards warning over land sale offer

UK High Court orders five land banking companies into liquidation

9 UK Land Banking Companies Liquidated

UK High Court action to shut down five Land Banking companies

UK Epping Forest Council public statement on Land Banking

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UK Hounslow Council Planning department public statement on Land Banking site in Feltham

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UK Government Consumer Site - Land Banking Scams

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UK Property Scam Factual background on Green Belt land plot sales

Law comes a little too late, UK Observer Nov 2008

BBC News: Illegal 'landbank' scheme closed, 4 June 2008

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BBC Radio 4's You and Yours: CPRE wants 'land banking' regulation, 14 December 2006

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