Saturday, July 10, 2010

A fair investment product

Here is a typical example.
A young consumer is advised by an agent to buy a life insurance policy.
The benefit illustration shows the premium over 25 years to be $250,000
The policy gives a projected return of $300,000, which looks attractive compared to the total premium
The value of the accumulated premium, at a projected yield of 5%, is $500,000
The effect of deduction is $300,000 (40% of $500,000)

The consumer is not aware of the following:
a) the above figures in the benefit illustration - as they are hidden among less important information
b)  a fair amount to be deducted to cover expenses, profit and insurance, should be 20%

A fair investment product will give $100,000 more to the consumer.
Generally, the consumer should avoid life insurance products that are sold by an insurance agent, as the outcome is likely to be quite close to the figures shown above.
To look for a better investment choice, read Practical Guide on Financial Planning  or attend a talk on financail planning organised by FISCA.

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