Saturday, July 31, 2010

Singapore's reputation

Read this article in the Guardian, UK.


Lye Khuen Way said...

Well, well ! So my dreaded expectation came true ! We sure are going to be one odd-ball among developing or developed countries whose contempt of court definition is to say it out loud out-of-court, sorry I mean out-of-sync !

I use to feel proud when National Days come around. Am still patriotic, but less gungho about my red IC.

Spur said...

That's why pissed Americans have recently enacted a Bill to protect its citizen journalists/reporters against such charges of court contempt and/or defamation even if the Americans said or reported it in other countries.

They must have viewed the recent case involving WSJ/NYT very unfavourably.

Anyway the louder S'pore courts try to act on Shadrake the worse it becomes in the eyes of other countries. Especially when the trial is now exactly coincide with the YOG. I think more foreign reporters attention will be on the court case than on YOG.

veronika said...

This is a minor issue.
The YOG,F1, resorts are far more "productive"

The Ministries are very creative and will be able to wriggle out of all this.

Singapore is a very small land mass and with even smaller number of people with exceptional talent.. and these have all been inducted into the administration.

The rest who claim to be as talented are in the financial sector and will not rock the boat.
Neither will they openly confront the 'other' talented ones.

Lye Khuen Way said...

I like to venture one small theory.
This is a minor issue to our Authority. Just like the small issues that Toyota probably swept aside as minor, the cummulative effects is not.
We are already seeing many "imperfections" cropping up across everyday activities
Traffic/Parking /Housing/../Drainage...
Many of these were once our strong points. Now ?

Vincent said...

So I can the buy the book in Malaysia? Hmmmm maybe I should buy one to read. Up till now I still don't quite understand why this guy managed to piss off our govt so much (by writing a book)that warrant him to be sent to jail.

Just what did he wrote?

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