Friday, July 30, 2010

Job training and jobs

Read this letter.

My view
Singapore is giving a lot of emphasis on job training. It creates jobs for the trainers, but does not find employment for the trainees, who remain unemployed. It is better to provide job subsidy for recruitment of the unemployed (similar to the Job Credit scheme, which is now being phased out). The subsidy can be for the older people, who now find it difficult to get employment.


Unknown said...

it does provide jobs for some like my friend who was retrenched become a trainer. whether her trainnes get job or not i dont know.

Unknown said...

i will like to chat about how job training can help me. with my retail sales certificate, i find a retail sales job that earn me $3 per hour, after working for three month, and with what i learn from the training, i can earn $5 per hour. I intend to move up as i accumulate my experiences in retail sales. at the beginning when you have no experiences it will be tough, but the training will help you to grab hold of any opportunity given to you. it will be tough at the begining but i urge everyone to perserve and not give up. when i only earn 3 for every hour i often get scolded and think of giving up but now i can handle my job confidently and is earning more, and i am trying for a promotion. tough out all you difficulties!:)

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