Monday, July 26, 2010

Learn Chinese

I downloaded a free application called "1000 Chinese characters" into my Android phone. It is the best document that I have encountered over the years, in my continuing desire to improve my Chinese. As it focused on the most common 1,000 characters, it is fun to learn.

For those struggling to learn Chinese, I recommend that they download this application (which may be available in other phone platforms, or buy a hard copy book (which I believe must be available).

Yellow Bridge.


Loh Hon Chun said...

Great app.

Vincent Sear said...

The characters of frequent usage projected is quite consistent with what a Sino-Japanese bilingual language professor used to tell me:

500 characters to pass primary school (China) and 400 characters to pass primary school (Japan).

3,000 characters to pass secondary school (China) and 2,000 characters to pass secondary school (Japan).

Before the complete bilingualisation of Singapore education in the late 1970s, there're generations English-educated Chinese who couldn't read and write even basic Chinese. I think it's good for them to pick up and catch up if they have the time and resources.

Don't be impatient. There's a common motto learning for Chinese characters: 一日一字,a character a day. Sometimes, e.g. weekends or holidays, you learn two. By a year's time, you'll know 500.

With that foundation, the 1,000 mark and 2,000 mark would become easier and easier to reach.

I-Chun said...

You are welcome to check out 'Logic Chinese' on facebook, which explains Chinese characters using a building block method:

eg. 沙漠 sha1 mo4 (desert): 沙 = little 少 water 水; 漠 = no 莫 water 水

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