Saturday, July 31, 2010

Late submission of motor claim

Hi Mr Tan,
Eight months ago, I was involved in a car accident with a van, causing damage to my front wheel. I repaired it for $1,500 in a auto workshop and submitted a claim against the insurer of the other party. 

I just received a call from my insurer, telling me that the van is now making a claim against me for $3500. 

1) Is it legal to make a claim after so many months? It is incredible to think that he is driving around for 8 months and suddenly needs repair done (and quite serious repair for a total sum of $3500).

2) I was told by my insurance company that my NCD will  drop from 50% to 20% due to my claim against th other insurer. Why is this so?  If claiming against the other party results in the loss of my NCD, then in every accident, shouldn't those involved just claim against their own insurer? They have nothing to gain by not claiming against their own insurance.



1) The other party can make the claim late but you (or your insurer) can reject it. It is for them to prove the the damage were caused by you. You can deny that you were responsible for the damages. It would be difficult for the other party to prove that you caused the damages, after a lapse of 8 months. I hope that your insurance company will help you to reject this unjustified, late claim.

2) If you make a claim against the other party, your NCD will not be affected. Your NCD is affected only if you claim against your own insurance company, or you ask your insurance company to make the third party claim. The claims staff of your insurance company is giving you the wrong information. You should ask them give a reply to you in writing about this matter.

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Lye Khuen Way said...

There seem to be more blatant cheating/ bullying these days.
Maybe, it is because we have less visible "policing" , less proactive law/rules enforcement, or less thought through policies /risks assessments and reviews......
The AGC and the "law" are more concerned with upholding certain
aspects of everyday life. My views only. Open to any contrary observations.

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