Sunday, December 19, 2010

FISCA Talk - Consumer Guide to Insurance

The talk was held on 18 December 2010. It was well received. Here are some feedbacks:

Dear Mr Tan
I attended your  talk today ( and also the previous talk on investing for the long term). I believe Fisca and what you are doing is invaluable and it is very tragic re how poorly regulated financial services are in Singapore. Is there any way more people can get to know about financial literacy? I feel more people especially the old and less literate  should be protected against these scams. Like holding more talks  on a much larger scale? But I suppose it is a behemoth of an industry you might be up against.

Dear Mr Tan
Thanks for the illuminating talk on financial planning and insurance today, I've learned how to derived the costs of insurance as a result of your talk.  Thanks for your work in helping to educate and inform ordinary consumers like us.

More talks
I will be holding more talks on this topic. You can register at
Attendees of the talk can click here to download the zip file of the relevant FAQs from the TKL website. Here is the outline of the talk, but it is better to attend to talk.

Tan Kin Lian

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zhummmeng said...

Now you know insurance salesmen use scare tactics to con you into buying whole life/limited payment WL and those rotten cash backs, right?
They will tell you you need for whole life or you pay for limited years and you are covered for life. They tell you this with one intention, ie. to sell you an expensive WL products that GIVES LITTLE COVERAGE AND HORRIBLE RETURN but GIVES THEM HIGH COMMISSION. They even use their mother's medical problem as an example but they don't know waht they are talking about. They have little knowledge of the products and planning.They are full of contradictions. They try to bullshit you. They are NOT qualified. They are salesmen and conmen magicstone con artistes.
Be wary of them. Get a qualified and honest financial adviser and NOT a executive financial consultant, a salesman in disguise.

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