Sunday, December 19, 2010

FISCA Talk on Insurance - follow up questions

Dear Mr.Tan
Thank you for your talk and very useful advice for us on buying insurance.

1. Seminar Talk - Exercise 3. Earn interest 4% per annum, How much is the total contribution plus interest over 35 years? (Factor to be used is 73.65) Question: a) How to get 73.65 ? b) How to get 1,272,672?

Read this FAQ:

3. Mr.Tan, you have the best price for those PA and Term plan with less than $500.
Could you give me some insurance company ? I will find out and compare the price to less than $1,000. with insured 1million. From my record, I have asked some insurance companies and agents, they quoted me the price were more than $2,000. with insured 1 million.

Read this FAQ:

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