Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Avoid exclusions on your private Shield

Dear Mr. Tan,
NTUC offered to upgrade my Medishield, but with exclusion in 2008. I rejected it as I believe this exclusion may lead to debatable claims in the future. However, I am now under the basic plan which is not restricted by the exclusion. What I am looking for is to allow me to upgrade my medi-shield plan without the exclusion and also, can extend the coverage with rider if possible. If NTUC Income is not prepare to do anything about it, I don’t see any options at all… Do advise me if there is any suggestions.

My view is that it is better for you to say with basic Medishield, rather than ask for an upgrade to a private shield. Even if Income is willing to accept you with less onerous restrictions, it may not be worth while for you to face future uncertainty. Read this FAQ.


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