Saturday, December 25, 2010

Singapore is the happiest place on Earth

Do you agree with this view expressed by an author of a newly published book? Read SGEP for an alternative view.


zhummmeng said...

Singapore IS the happiest place on planet earth.
1.Where on earth is there a place where the insurance agents can become a millionaire?
2. where on earth is there a place where insurance agents can fleece their customers legally?
3.where is there a place where consumers are in coma and let the insurance agents rape and rob them without their knowing it and many even died not knowing it.
4.where is there a place where the regulator drag its feet for donkey years and still not sure who to please?
5.where on earth is there a place where it is safe for EVERYONE?
Indeed Singapore is the happiest place on earth for everyone to coexist, both victims and predators.

yujuan said...

Holy cow, these people must be joking.
We always have to be looking over our shoulders, to see whether the bank relationship manager, or the shifty insurance broker, or the cunning estate agent, or the crafty stock broker, or the smiling renovation contractor is going to skin us.
How to be happy when we living on a bundle of nerves, wary that our precious remaining retirement moneys are not cheated away through some obscure, legalised way.
Very difficult to be happy as we have to be on perpectual guard with our eyes wide, wide open.

Lye Khuen Way said...

I for one do not agree with the author. He surely did not know of Bhutan and dare I say of the Singapore that I have lived all my life ! Was I happy once ? Yes. Now ? NO !

captaincaveman said...

If the author is to be believed then why are there so many stressed out and sulken looking commuters on the mrt everyday?

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