Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Consumers deserve to be treated fairly

This article explains what the regulators in USA are doing to ensure that consumers are protected fairly in the bills that they receive from their telephone companies. I believe that the regulator in Singapore (IDA) has already implemented similar measures - but I am not sure if they have done to the same extent as in the USA.


Anonymous said...

IDA hasn't done enough to protect consumers. Singtel is a lousy telecommunication provider. I have no choice but to stay with them during my contract plan term. Their services sucks, and i have to continue to pay for their suck services till my contract expire.

Anonymous said...

Only partially, if you have a mobile plan u have no bill shock but if you are on data plan, u still can get bill shock. I was given a sim card for data plan in a bundle service but I dare not use it.

SimplyTerror said...

I think this bill is a reaction to massive overcharging by some US phone companies. Recently, a woman was handed a bill for US$201,000 for a month's cellphone usage. That's not a typo by the way. http://www.wsvn.com/features/articles/helpmehoward/MI93365/

Taeyeon said...

Are you joking? Would the Royale Familee do anything to jeopardise their cash cow
Existing regulation is wayang only to show at least something is being done
More regulation = More fairness for consumers = Less unfair profits

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