Thursday, October 20, 2011

Solar energy industry

America is counting on solar energy industry to create jobs. Already, they are facing strong competition from China. This may lead to trade disputes.


Anonymous said...

The US can keep blocking this and that and put up trade barrier to make their industries more and more uncompetitive. Why don't they visit China and find out why China can make things so cheap and emulate them.

The US has banned all high technology from The West to enter China. So, the solar technology in China is developed locally without help from the westren countries. Maybe Chinese has superior technologies and economy of scale to make their product cheap.

yujuan said...

Singapore is blessed with sunshine all year round, but its solar power is never really seriously tapped.
It's the instant tree mind concept that is mental blocking the Govt's mind. They want instant results.
We could not control flash flooding,
a limping terrorist, world event sports budgeting, facilities over burdening due to rapid overpopulation, security lapses at train stations, and yet the Govt wants to put horse in front of cart, and want to jump the gun to consider nuclear energy. If they are no good in security, what makes them think they could handle such dangerous form of energy like nuclear.
Even the Japanese, known to place quality as the top prerogative in their work, lost control of their stricken nuclear stations, and in panic, at the earlier stage, got stumped at how to control the situation.
My elderly father, my younger brothers and sisters, my sons and daughters in the Govt, first learn to crawl first before you want to run.

Anonymous said...

Nuclear power for Singapore? Why not, as long as the government has at least 60% mandate at elections. Because that allows for at least 93% majority seats in Parliament.

A mandate and majority not just for nuclear power, but also many, many other things.

So actually it is the people who ultimately decide.

SolarAdelaide said...

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