Saturday, October 22, 2011

Medicare in USA

The problem with Medicare in USA (i.e. the health care paid by the Government for retirees) is that it becomes very costly to give the best to the older people and the Government is bearing the cost. In Singapore, the Government wants the people to bear the cost - and they cannot afford it either. The solution? Educate people on what is necessary and what is wasteful and help them to find the right treatment at a cost that they can afford. 

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financialray said...

Hi Mr Tan
It is difficult to educate people on what is necessary and what is wasteful. Individuals have different needs and wants. Take the handphone for instance. To some, a simple handphone good enough to make a phone call is adequate. To some, it must also function as a camera. To some, it must be a smart phone. TO some, it must be an iphone. To some, it cannot be less than a iphoneS. So I believe co-payment is the way to go with the basic necessities provided for at low cost. But if you want more, then depending on the conditions and circumstances, differing degrees of co-payment has to come in. After all, we all know there is no free lunch in this world and somebody has to foot the bill somehow, if not now, then in the future.

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