Sunday, October 16, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Protests Goes Global

The protests against corporate greed and failure of government goes global. See

Except in Singapore. The people are frightened by the strict laws against protest.


Anonymous said...

Not really.

Because majority are very supportive of PAP. They had given a 60% mandate to PAP in GE 2011, enabling PAP to win 93% seats, which can only exist as a dream for other governments!

And for PE 2011, a even higher total of 70% to the Presidential candidates who are former PAP MPs. In contrast, a former opposition candidate only got 25% in PE 2011.

What more can or do the PAP need or want?

So I think even if there are no strict laws against protests, maybe at most only 20 or less people, and maybe including children, will protest. Because there was a precedence of only such protests here, before strict laws were imposed.

yujuan said...

The ISA has to be abolished, the more PAP suppress the people, the more dangerous it will be in future, like a simmering volcano,whose shaft is covered up with an artificial lid.
The seasons change every year, nothing is permanent.
To the anti incumbents, whatever the joker Lim Swee Say wants his grassroots to bian nian, efforts would end up in vain. The root of the problem is left untouched, cosmetic changes are worse than no change, as they smack of hypocrisy,
or simply, mao ku lao shu.

Anonymous said...

This will happen sooner or later when consumers found out they are getting rotten deal when the financial products salesmen and the FIs are robbing them and enriching themselves with high commission and fat salaries.
The insurance CEOs are pushing their salesmen to push ONLY high commission products so that their CEOs can justify thier 7 figure salary.
The problem the comatose consumers don't know they are getting shits from the wholelife and endowment products but the agents and the company love them because the agents get high commission and the company gets high APIs so that the agents can qualify for MDRT and get to go to incentive overseas trip and their CEO can big bonus and become #1. The suckers are the consumers. They pay for the agents and the CEO's salary. Still they are sleeping only to wake up when they are about to retire.
The Wall Street protest is about this. Everybody gets richer the consumers kenna conned and fleeced.
The regulator has its eyes shut or watching with amusement.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are not ready for change....we are like frogs being slow cooked, by the time we realise, its too late. I am not afraid to say that i voted for the PAP in the recent elections. Why? Because we are some years away from the tipping for the PAP, then they would squeeze Singaporeans harder ! Then 2 elections later you would see real change !!!!

yujuan said...

If more Singaporeans like the above commentator dun even believe in themselves, then it will take more than 2 elections later to see real change.
A silly contradiction, either you gun for the PAP or the Opposition, an opportunistic swing voter is impeding democracy in any country.

Anonymous said...

Not a contradiction, do you think the opposition is ready & capable to form the government, this election or the next ?

Like a baby, if u try to fly before u can walk, then u r doom to fail.

Why vote for the opposition if they are not ready ? Whats the alternative ? Spoil vote ?

We should not change for change sake.....look at Taiwan....voted the KMT out.....let the crook, Chen S.B. that progress ?

Democracy is an well have the western democracies fared ?
Its simple, give people enough rope & they likely hang themselves ! Frankly, alot of countries/people, not ready for "democracy"......they must be ruled :)

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