Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Allocating vehicle COEs through a ballot

I have written this paper to set out the case of using the ballot to allocate the available COEs to meet the demand. It takes the views of many people who have written in my blog and Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Bidding for COE probably is the best system to allocate scarce resources. On top of that, probably Government can set up a electric car sharing system. Ocassioanly, we need to fetch our sick parents or family members to hospital for treatment, moving houses or running chores that require multiple trips.

yujuan said...

Dishing out COEs is actually a very simple matter, just go for balloting as in school places and HDB flats,
and no Transfers allowed, so only the genuine aspirants would be engaged. But unfortunately, the Govt wants a share of the booty, as money faced as ever.

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