Monday, July 23, 2012

Get a feel of the ground

The author of this article said that the problems faced in Singapore are due to a lack of understanding of the situation at the ground and the hardships faced by the people.  


Lye Khuen Way said...

Must say that I agree.

Anonymous said...

11 years in Tampines, I saw MP Sim Boon Ann once during a door to door. In Bishan now for 7 years, I saw no body. No different before and after GE 11 except that my MP is rotated. PAP lost Aljunied GRC because of WP years of hitting the ground hardwork before their win. Just by appearing on Govt control media, weekly meet the people will not allow MP to reach out to the majority of their residents. So, how does MP knows what the ground problem? Through grassroot. Same formula why PAP lost Aljunied. During GE11 rally, George Yeo team discovered & feedback to PM Lee that there was an anger on the ground thus leading to a apology during the rally. Anger is still there in Bishan. Put the same caliber of people as WP Aljunied in Bishan/Toa Payoh, the opposition will win as the previous win was narrow. My point is nothing much change while lots of promises were made during the rally. Cost of living is still high while COE just hit the roof with everyone laughing that our COE is more expensive than the car itself....So do we consider the Minister of transportation is doing a good job? They probably think so as High COE cost, low birth rate, slow growth or recession and high cost of living are classified under EXTERNAL FACTORS BEYOND OUR CONTROL.

yujuan said...

The greatest obstacle to the MP feeling the ground is none other than the grassroots.
Before MP's arrival, they spruce up the surroundings, last time they even had 2 lions prancing around like the God of Fortune arriving, say nice things to the MP who likes to hear them, then the VIP makes a speech, and go round carrying a baby or two, chatting merrily with the residents, then wave goodbye and off he goes.
Now tell me, how to feel the actual ground, when things are hidden from him.

Anonymous said...

I agree with yujuan's comments.
If an MP is truly interested and passionate about understanding the sentiments of the ordinary Singaporeans, it's really not that difficult.

Ordinary Singaporeans are people.
An MP is a politician.
A politician's job is to represent the people.

So what is so mysteriously difficult about understanding the people you represent?
Unless you really have no passion for the people you claim to represent.

Anonymous said...

"Put the same caliber of people as WP Aljunied in Bishan/Toa Payoh, the opposition will win as the previous win was narrow."
ANON: July 23, 2012 9:19 AM

I don't know what you mean by caliber.
Just vote for the people and the political party that you think will really "represent" you in parliament.

I don't think a Millionaire can ever represent me in parliament.
My values and my concerns are beyond a Millionaire's comprehension.
So there are certain political parties that can never win my vote.

I only concern myself with the politician's desire and ability to represent me in parliament.

Anonymous said...

"Aljunied-Hougang Town Council will not raise fees" See

WP may be seen to score a political point but heartlanders would like to see Town Council trying their best to cut cost instead of raising $ without even trying. Good job WP, People First then People then finally money...

Maybe PAP felt that the ground is
Rich and Stupid just by seeking Grassroot feedback. Walk the ground, my friend, else you will be out the next GE...

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