Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Clear and relevant statements.

Lawyers are trained to write letters that are clear and contain relevant points. Here is an example of a well written letter. It is useful for consumers to write their statements in a manner in a similar manner, for example, if they have been misled into making a wrong investment or has not been given the service that has been promised. http://theonlinecitizen.com/2012/07/toc-news-letter-of-demand-to-law-society-singapore-and-mr-wong-siew-hong/


yujuan said...

Many people say lawyers are trained to lie within the Law, and at the same time would have no qualms fleecing their clients, which wealthy clients dun mind as long they have the best chance to win the case. Woe betide those who have less dough but still insist on employing such lawyers, as they would be looked down, being reminded they have to be prepared to pay per hour or letter.
However, they are some lawyers, though in the minority, who do operate with the Code of Honour and with Integrity, and this Netto Lawyers Firm is among them, from past dealings with them, and they may even waive charges due to certain circumstances. Their advice is crystal clear, straight and frank, with no hidden motives.
Probably it's the only Law Firm, who is not prejudicial towards having a controversial Human Rights lawyer like Ravi in its office.
This Letter is proof of its excellent standard of Conduct.

yujuan said...

What Wong Siew Hong and the LSS had done in front of the esteemed Judges during Court proceedings, is just as crystal clear.
1. Acting on someone's orders as all the Court cases are handled by Ravi, and are politically connected. Or,
2. This lawyer wan to "Pai Ma Pi" with the Govt, hoping to gain political points, aiming for the highest appointment, to be a Judge as well?
A clear case of "Contempt of Court", showing utter disrespect for the presiding Judges, by "gate crashing" into the proceedings.
Why the DPP is so mum mum here.
Surely, Wong's behaviour and demeanour are more insane than Ravi. He should be the one debarred from practising Law, and be Fr. Fones's patient too.
Meanwhile, these 3 wayang shows do not reflect well on the Govt's integrity, why stoop so low, a show of impatient desperation indeed.

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